BBASupplements VIP Membership Card

From : BBAS

Sale Price : RMB 110

Usually ships within 48 hours, together with your order


VIP Membership card terms of Use:
1. Purchase of our VIP card allow customer to enjoy discount on products listed on our site.
2. The VIP card is valid for one year until it's expiry date, thus you may enjoy saving for purchasing any product for the next 12 months.
3. Customers is eligible to receive discount the moment you purchase the card, including items in your current order that you just purchased together with VIP card.
4. If you are paying by Paypal instead of cash, you will receive discount in the forms of refund of difference.
5. Following card can only be used by registered card owner, not transferrable.
6. Discount is not applicable for promotional item that is already discounted.
7. This card is not refundable.


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