Myths About Aging and Beauty

Aging is always a major concern among people, especially women. And it is an inevitable process that anyone needs to deal with. This further emphasizes the need to know some basic truths about aging in order to make sure that the things you can do will indeed be beneficial. There are many myths that many people believe wrongly and if you do not know them, you may wind up letting many products rip you off without delivering their promised benefits. You will need to understand these myths in order to make sure that you make an informed decision about things you want to use in improving the look of your skin.

1. The first myth that many people buy into is that genes determine how fast one’s skin ages. This is actually a mixed statement. Genes are typically the core reason that leads to tissue degeneration. For example, some come with good genes while others really come born with a gene that gives them a higher tendency to develop age spots, known as seborrhoieic keratosis. But genes are not all that determine how fast one’s skin ages; extrinsic factors like exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun, lifestyle, diet, and exposure to pollution, also play a major role on how fast your skin will age.

2. People also believe that face creams can effectively eliminate wrinkles and other symptoms of ageing. Every beauty product comes with claims to target ageing, but nobody can say definitely if a certain cream or serum does indeed works. Of course, certain ingredients may have been proven to produce very good results. For example, alpha hydroxy acids, retinol, beta hydroxy acids, aminopeptides, and vitamins are considered very effective components found in beauty care products. The thing to remember though is that the ingredients need to be used in the correct formulation and concentration. They are typically designed to speed up the cell renewal rate, without necessarily erasing the signs of ageing but will instead improve the condition of your skin while protecting it against harsh factors in the environment such as dry climate, pollution, and the sun.

3. Some people believe that creams are not as effective as higher-technology methods like plastic surgery or lasers. Certainly, creams and other topical skincare products typically take a longer time to show apparent results, but it does not mean they are less effective. The truth is that they are simply less dramatic, as it comes with a longer time to show results.

4. A fourth myth is that certain ethnic skin types can age faster than others. Of course, darker skin has more melanin which protects the skin from sun damage, and Caucasian skin tends to look haggard from a drier climate. But doctors believe there is no specific skin type or race that age faster. It just so happens that the fine lines and flakiness are more visible on drier, fairer skin than on skin with greater oil levels.

These basic beliefs about aging and skin care should give you a stronger grasp of how best to deal with your skin condition as you age, without succumbing to deceptive truths that can keep you from finding the best solution for your skin.
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