Have you been drinking fake or real protein powder?

Ok, with all those fake supplements product swarming in China market, one might wonder if it’s safe to buy protein powder in China from local source or to get it from abroad. How can you tell if the supplements that you buy here are authentic or imitation? First of all, we are not talking about products like pre-workout supplements or thermogenic fat burner here. For pre-work supplements such as creatine and  NO, or fat burner, you might be able to tell if the product is real or not after ingesting it especially if you have experience with the product, but what about protein ? There is no way you can tell just by taking it because it does not give you immediate effect/result. You can’t really tell from the taste either because the fake taste almost like the real one, some of the sellers even mix them together and sell them. 

How about packaging? You can’t really know from the packaging either, if the fake product manufacturer is determined to make the non-legit product to look like real one, there could be just a little to almost no difference at all, at least not something that commoners could tell. Some might argue that poor container seal could indicate that the product is a fake but that is not true. Even authentic product like Optimum Nutrition Whey for decade has been well-known for their poor sealing system in some of the tub containers. The seal is poor enough that it does not stick completely to the bottle and sometimes small amount of powder might leak out during shipping process.  So seeing small trace of powder near the cap doesn’t prove that the product is not genuine, the fake producer could even do better job in terms of sealing process.

So how can you tell if the protein is real or not? The answer is there is no direct way of telling it unless the content is sent for examination.  That explain how important it is to purchase protein from reliable source in China. Buying protein at expensive price such as from store or gym doesn’t guarantee the quality either. On the contrary, there are some who purchase protein at high price and gotten non-genuine product instead, and that happens not because the seller is doing it on purpose to rip off their customer but it’s simply because they have no idea that the products on their shelves are fake.  They simply being trusted by certain party to sell the protein and split the profit with the supplier.

In our online store BBAsupplements.com, all our imported products are guaranteed 100% authentic and original. Not only we source our products from reliable distributor that we require to show us FDA inspection certificate, to further protect our customers from possibility of fraud we have taken extra step to send our imported protein to laboratory test. At regular interval, we select some of the sample products among the new batch to be sent for lab test. From the lab test result, we can easily prove whether the content match the label description. Here is some example of latest lab test result:

Optimum Nutrition Whey
test report
BSN True Mass
test report
MuscleTech Nitro Tech
test report

The lab test above is performed by multi-million private company which is acknowledged by Shanghai Health and Sanitation bureau for any consumer product inspection, any product that is to be manufactured and released to the market will go through the similar lab test, the result is 100% valid and accurate.  

Our shop has been operating many years in China and has gained excellent reputation among expats and locals community with thousands of visitors every month. Many of our customers get to know us from word of mouth recommendation which shows how much our existing customers trust us. Customers always come back because they see the results from our products and they won’t hesitate to recommend us to their friends. With the new price adjustment and discount package, we hope to provide you great alternative with cheaper price than you ship it yourself from abroad, less hassle and save time too. Most important of all, there is no need to worry about product quality when you shop with us. After all, customer safety and satisfactory are our highest priority.
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