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About Us

Founded in 2007, BBASupplements is the earliest pioneer of importer of supplements products that is catered for expats/foreigners community in China. Unlike Chinese supplements market where you may risk finding non-authentic products, at our store we guarantee that every product that you purchase is genuine. Having operated more than 10 years in Shanghai, we are regarded as the most trusted and reliable source of imported supplements by the expat/local community.

Our Mission

At BBASupplements we aim to help you to achieve your fitness/lifestyle goals, whether it's strength training, gaining mass, losing weight or simply living a healthier life, we are here as your reliable partner together in your journey. We supply only high quality imported supplements products ranging from protein, amino acid, fat burner to health supplements such as fish oils, calcium, etc, and we ship accross all China.

Paypal Support

Our channel support payment via Paypal gateway, which allows you to pay with your favorite credit card such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover or Paypal account.

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Cash on Delivery

For your convenience, we also provide cash payment delivered by Express courier with higher shipping fee. Excellent choice if you don't have any other payment method available.